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Lock Folder XP 3.6

Lock Folder XP is an application for locking files, folders and drives
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Lock Folder XP is an application for locking files, folders and drives with a personal password, user defined.
When a folder or file is protected (locked) it visually disappears and nobody can reach it or even see it unless (s)he uses the addecuate password defined by the original user. So, the protected item is also hidden. File, folder, data structure are not varied at all; only their access are protected.

The user can utilize the program to lock and hide files, folders or even drives in an unlimited number, and protect each one with a different password to increase the security level, against local or network users.

The application allows the user to lock the Windows desktop as well. With the desktop locked, no user can modify, add nor delete the programs icons or shortcuts, unless the correct password is entered. The desktop is safe against other or unwanted users to play around with it.

The Lock Folder XP application itself can also be protected by a password so it can't be used for unlocking objects or changing existing passwords. There is an option for activating the protection automatically after a given time of no actions.

The protections selected can be made active at program exit or at Windows system start.

The interface has a multilingual support over 14 different languages.

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  • Very useful security tool. Password protected Program is something new
  • Drives password protected and hidden


  • It needs another file with all the password to remember
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